“Life Saturated” – Collection Released 2012


“Life Saturated”
Collection released by Swav Jusis in 2012


Swav Jusis’s fascination beyond the way he saw the world viewed through a camera lens extended to his use or elimination of color from 36 images taken over a span of a decade, 6 images chosen to representing each of the 6 colors that making up the collection. Swav’s exceptional ability to see the colors of the world in fresh, unexpected ways is epitomized in “Life Saturated”. He has pushed the boundary of photography, combining it with color manipulation, to new and exciting limits allowing him to give a visual testimony in strikingly complex imagery.

The final result is arresting, exuberant, and sometimes mournful all hallmarks of Swav Jusis’s work.

This compilation incorporates the focused intensity of color in his photography with the beauty of metal in the original pieces that cost upwards of $1,000, utilizing a new process of creating images on aluminum and accenting the piece with textured colored aluminum making the collection unique beyond doubt.

“Some see the world as black and white, others in shades of grey. To me the world is filed with sharp contrast and colors, depicting the joys, sorrows and blasts of emotion that make up life.”
Swav Jusis 2012