Cutters (2015 est.)

Photography Project and Book by Swav Jusis

The Cutters project was initiated by Photographer Swav Jusis to shed light on the practice of self-harm or self-inflicted cutting. The Cutters book will artistically reveal the bodies and scars of those who do, or have cut themselves. The book will also provide a platform for these individuals, through a written narrative or poem, where they can express what they wish to communicate on the subject of self-mutilation and self-harm.

The Cutters Project is meant to be an artistic showing of the body and scaring in a way where it is aesthetically capturing and visually expresses the psychological and emotional aspect behind the act of cutting one’s self. In effect, this will allow the participants themselves, as well as those who view the book to reflect on the images and words within. As explained above, the written contribution can be in the form of a short narrative, maybe one paragraph, to a poem or whatever else the model believes will communicate a message to those who will look. The whole concept of the project is not meant to condone, or disapprove, rather, to bring about awareness to this phenomenon.

As the artist and medium for these individuals, my hope is that this project, when completed, will bring comfort, enlightenment, and challenge mainstream aesthetics. Most importantly it will impact those who see this book and all who participate in its creation. This book will make others aware, show some that they are not alone and bring context around the idea that internal thought or emotion, whether they be negative or pleasurable, can reach out and manifest physically.

Some of the Participants: