Current Projects


Strange Places (2016 est.)

To be completed as a book with an estimated completion date in 2016. This project is an exploration of the world around us, often times rarely seen by most, or if seen makes people wonder about it. From old abandoned plane engine factories to unused railroad tunnels there are many of these strange places around us. It is a study in the contrast between destruction/decay and the beauty of the female form.

Cutters Protect (2015 est.)

The Cutters project was initiated by Photographer Swav Jusis to shed light on the practice of self-harm or self-inflicted cutting. The Cutters book will artistically reveal the bodies and scars of those who do, or have cut themselves. The book will also provide a platform for these individuals, through a written narrative or poem, where they can express what they wish to communicate on the subject of self-mutilation and self-harm. . The whole concept of the project is not meant to condone, or disapprove, rather, to bring about awareness to this phenomenon.