PhotoSwav Jusis is a NYC Metro based artist who has had numerous shows including NYC 2000, UK 2003-2004, NYC 2005, Newark 2006 & 2010, NYC 2012 and Philadelphia 2012.

His primary medium is photography and has expanded into mixed media combining photographic images with other materials such as metal and wood. Original works by him are found in some of the highest regarded private photography collections in the US. He was originally born in Gdansk Poland, where his family fled from communism to live in England and Vienna before finally settling in the United States in 1976. Swav concentrated a majority of his early photography which started in 1999 on documenting the clubs and people related to the alternative NYC nightlife scene. This included the underground vampire, gothic, steampunk, industrial and cyber lifestyles.

Currently he is working in the NYC Metro Area on a number of new projects after the release of  “Life Saturated” and the Book “Gothic, Vampire and Alternative Female Beauty” in 2012. “Life Saturated” is 36 piece collection exploration of the deeper side of color and contrast within individual encountered upon his documentary photography work. “Gothic, Vampire and Alternative Female Beauty”, an Art Photography Book that contains over 200 of the most striking images by renowned Art Photographer and breakthrough artist Swav Jusis, taken during the time period of 1998-2012. This 130 page book contains images of women photographed while he documented the clubs and people related to the alternative scene including the Underground Gothic, Vampire, Steampunk, Industrial, Cyber and Fetish lifestyles.